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The Return Of ZoRg!!

Our friendly visitor from another world re-appears at LambWatch after a long "summer" absence!

Our friendly visitor from another world decided to make a re-appearance after a long absence over summer! Nobody knows why he was away for so long.... Was he on holiday? Is he allergic to long days and sunshine (or more likely rain!)? Does it take nearly half a year to travel between LambWatch and planet Zork?? Who knows! But we are all grateful that he took the time to come and say hello again after such a along time! Now that the nights are drawing in, we wonder if we will be seeing more of our friendly alien ZoRg!


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It was really nice to see Zorg come back for a visit from his home planet Zork.Safe Journey home.Zorg.

it looks like mr zorg had trouble getting to the webcam, with it being a lot lower than in previous times he's visited the farm.

Welcome back Zorg its great to see u again,I for 1 have missed you as well as the village idiot lol will see u soon

hahaha. zorg why would you visit a planet with inferior life forms?it is kinda spooky

lol, oh I was frightened...

aww there is no need to be frightened, he is a friendly sole, only saying hello

hey,zorg good to see ya again. lol marlaina

Yay! Zorg!

Welcome back Zorg - we've missed you!