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Field Mice Night Vision!

Watch a family of field mice in their natural environment at night in the infra-red light!

For one night only we decided to point the webcam directly down to the ground so that the night vision infra red would be able to clearly pick up any night time activity that was to take place there. The eyes of the mice have been spotted on previous nights from the normal camera angle but we thought it might be interesting to see if we could see the mice more clearly by pointing the camera down.

We were not disappointed! There were several mice at one point, dashing in and out of the exposed patch picking up the dropped bird seed and then dashing back quickly into the relative safety of the longer grass (away from the owl!). At one point it looked like shooting stars in the night sky!


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Great footage, thanks Dan. Can't believe how quick they are....although I'd be quick too with an owl after me!

This was a brilliant night for watching the mice.I really enjoyed the cam facing the ground to watch those little eyes racing around grabbing the seeds that were thrown down to tempt them tocome a little closer.

Wow they really move fast I thought you had speeded the clip up until I saw the clock at the top!

That's amazing footage. Wow they are so quick!!!

We need slo mo to see them! Put some chocolate down Dan, they love Cadbury's Dairy Milk and peanut butter. That's what we put in the humane rodent catcher we have for catching Jess' little presents so we can set them free outside.

That's so cool! I can't believe how fast they move. But, then again, if I thought that owl was watching me, I'd be on the move, too!

This came to be very funny looking at them running around and no owl showup for a free easy catch. maybe next time owl. Alex&Catherine