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The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

This clip provides real evidence that this well-known phrase is actually true! (well to some extent anyway)

This is a great clip that shows real nature in action.... Very early on Saturday morning, a large bird was seen swooping down to the ground directly in front of the webcam! Shortly after it became apparent that this was in fact an owl, which had sighted a tasty morsel in the ground. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a tasty midnight-feast / early breakfast, the owl then proceeded to fly to the sign where it perched for a while while it gobbled up its tasty treat! It is likely that the food it spotted was a mouse or other small rodent rather than a worm but it still goes to show that the early bird gets the food!


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This is amazing..I just discovered your web site last night and I did see this live. Very beautiful countryside! I did see the sun rise there as well before I went off to bed. Thanks so much for the website! Love the lambs and the birds and Jabberwocky poem was pretty nice too Keep up the good work!

I say that was a beautifull owl seen what he was doing. Alex

fantastic video!!!! david attenbourogh, eat your heart out. or better yet watch lambwatch.

I thought it would be a barn owl but it looks too big and dark. I think it is possibly a tawny owl. Lovely video

Its great to see the webcam is picking up some lovely shots of the wildlife around the farm

Wow, natural mouse control on the farm! Good competition for the cat! Amazing!

What great pictures of Hoots and his night activity catching mice.

Fantastic - (as usual) ! Great to see an owl doing what comes naturally!!

in this case the stealthy bird gets the mouse.