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Night-Vision Creepy Crawlie Cam!

Tonight the webcam got cleaned and as a result something really cool was picked up in the infra-red light!

It is amazing how much muck and grime an outdoor webcam can pick up over the months of exposure to the elements and animals. That's why we thought it was about time that the webcam was given a bit of a polish and so tonight the webcam got cleaned! We were amazed at the difference it made! As an unexpected bonus of being able to see so clearly, a strange creepy crawlie was picked up on the infra red light! You can see it whizzing around under the birdfeeder. It looks small but I wonder if it could be a mouse or something and what we see are its eyes reflecting the infra red light? We are not sure so please feel free to post your thoughts on what this little creepy crawlie might be! This clip is completely original and unedited - nothing has been made brighter or anything so as you can see, when it is clean, the webcam infra red light is actually quite sensitive! We were (well I was) very excited to watch this little thing run around - probably cleaning up on the bird seed that had fallen out of the feeder!


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you know i think you're right.. i thought it was a moth at the time but now i totally see a mouse-type creature.

Could it be a field mouse? Fascinating!

Interesting!! How strange!! It moves very fast doesnt it and seems to have a small sleeky body. Cute

Now a nice little field mouse has joined Lambwatch we need a new "mouse image" to register its visits !

Me&Alex thought it could be a frog out and about for bugs. Alex

zorg isnt the only visitor. i always thought some aliens would be small.