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Open Day Video 30th Aug 08

With bits from the webcam and camcorder, this clip features the events of the 2nd LambWatch open day.

On 30th August 2008 we had a second open day and this is the video that was taken from it. Luckily the weather stayed dry for the event so nobody got too muddy. We were even treated to an appearance from Muddyed too who was cowering in the garden - he must have been tempted out of the bushes by the smell of all the tasty treats that our visitors brought with them! We were also joined by viewers from across the world who witnessed the event as they watched from the website.

Here are some pics taken from the day... (I can provide originals of any of these if anyone wants them for printing etc)



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I really enjoyed watching the compilation of the open day, it looks like everyone had good fun. Sorry I couldnt make it, maybe I'll come on the next open day. xx

hey yall!! i had such a big grin on my face. this was soooo cool. i bet i had as much of a good day as you did by watching. what a great website.

We had a really lovely day out, it was lovely to meet all of you & we hope to come again next year when there are some baby lambs to see)

This is a wonderful memento of a really enjoyable day which I shall view many, many times.

A really great weekend out meeting lovely people and gorgeous animals of various kinds. I havent enjoyed myself so much in ages!!!! Thank you to the whole Procter family!

Lovely compilation Dan, glad you all had a good day and nice to see the Woodpecker put in a guest appearance too

Looks like everyone had an enjoyable day, and the sun came out to make it even a nicer day.Well done Dan and Heather for being such great hosts, the sheep all played their part, well done.

I have to agree with what Fi and Ruth said. Love the snazzy way you did the video Dan. Thank you to you and all your family for a wonderful day.

This was a lovely video put together and it was nice to see everyone their too. Thanks Catherine&Family

What a great video! It was nice to see people on camera that I've talked to a few times here. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you, Dan, for recording it for those of us who couldn't watch.

i also had a teriffic day!and great video by the way.

Open Day sure looked like so much fun its great watching the farm during summer when its so cold out right now! Wish I was there bet it was grand!!

just watching this again, i love hearing my name mentioned on the farm

Yay, I just found this again.

I found it on youtube also and liked it so now I can find it anytime i need to see it