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Sheep Acting The Goat!

This evening the sheep were obviously in a playful mood so they started acting the goat!

In a rare spell of dry weather, the sheep took the opportunity to act the goat in the LambWatch field! They started chasing each other and skipping around like new born lambs and even our visitor from across the river decided to join in the fun, although often found itself being chased away (all in good playful spirit though)!


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The sheep look very happy and healthy running around. One with a brown face (Not sure if is Lotti's Mum) looked as if to take charge as they all ran up the hill together when someone called them. A nice summers Day and the sheep went all out to enjoy it.

Dan This was great to see the video of them. They are cute when they are running around chasing each other and that intruder sheep is funny running around and his tail jumping around very long.lol It was funny. Thanks Dan Alex

I loved watching the sheep playing. Do they get headaches with headbutting? I wish they would play with the neighbouring sheep though, makes me feel sad as she's all alone.

hi christine - i dont think it hurts their heads as they have quite solid bits on the top where their horns are, its a bit like wearing a helmet No need to feel sad - you can see the neighbour's sheep was joining in the fun and i think the chasing is all part of the tomfoolery

i would actually watch a sports show if you guys did the commentary.