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Intruder Alert!

A lamb from the neighbour's farm infiltratesd the as word of the quality LambWatch scratch post gets out!

Word of the LambWatch scratch post (sign) has got out and spread amongst neighbouring farmer's sheep! This evening an inquisitive lamb from the neighbour's farm infiltrated our flock to sample the scratch post for itself but in so doing became intrigued with the bird feeder and webcam set up which it saw nearby! The lamb got on its hind legs and gave our webcam and microphone a once over too! Watch at the end of this clip how our sheep chase the lone wanderer away once they cotton onto the fact there is an outsider stealing their lime-light! You may see this stray lamb wandering the LambWatch field and is easily identifiable as it is the only lamb with distinctive horns and a black face. It is also a lot smaller than any of our lambs and has a long tail. We think it is a female but not 100% certain yet.


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Thanks for sharing. What a nosey lamb! She was having a very good scratch!! Great close up too...really funny

Ha ha that was sooo funny!!

lol XD

Good laugh great to look at funny x

I found that very funny, i didn't know watching sheep could make me laugh!!!

wow wow he is so noisey lamb. lol alex.

How funny - what a curious lamb

haha defence of the property at the end.

I have named that lamb"Nosey Rosey" very cute clips you have on here ........keep them coming plz