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Something special...

Something really special just arrived at the LambWatch gates this morning....

Christine's Open Day Film


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It is late this evening and Howard, Lynda, Ben and I have all just finished watching your video. We all thought it was brilliant and were quite speechless after watching them. I (Dan) was touched by it, especially the bit about Billy and am so pleased you have got some good footage of her. Thank you. That is something we will all treasure at the farm. Thank you so much for making this and sending it to us.

That was lovely, Christine and David. Thank you so much for sharing your Open Day with us.

That was quite wonderful, and really cheered me up on a rainy afternoon. (I'm so glad you told us what the music was - I didn't recognise it, not surprising as I have never heard of it.) Thank you very much, Christine and David.

I must congratulate you both on a wonderful film of the Open Day. It was so moving especially with the music you chose to put with the footage. Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Oh, Christine! This was an amazing video. You and David did an excellent job. You've just made me long to go there even more than I already do. That will probably never happen for me, but your film is a good substitute. The music is wonderful too. Thank you.

Wow, absolutely amazing!! Very moving, it brought a tear to my eye on more than one ocassion. Thank You Christine and David!

Thanks for sharing it were everyone Christine & David. Alex

what a beautiful video! thank you for sharing your day with us in such a moving way.

Excellent, a credit to you both, it must of took ages, a nice tribute to billy also, it will help us to remember the special spring of 2008 which we all shared on lambwatch. let us all now look forward to the lambs of 2009. thank you!

made me cry, what a wonderful film, so glad i watched it, loverly

For those who would like to know, the film took about three days solid work. It is a hard job deciding on what clips to add and indeed delete. I am so happy that everyone enjoyed watching the film. It was a pleasure making it

I just had to say thankyou for sharing your day out with everyone I really enjoyed both your films - you got some great shots of the sheep and lambs. Very well done.

Absolutely lovely footage of the open day Christine, thanks for sharing it with lambwatch fans who weren't able to make it. Beautiful music too. All your hard work was well worth it!