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Close-Up View of Sheep and Lambs

Watch the inquisitive sheep and lambs investigate the webcam and mic as it lay on the ground.

One of the highlights of moving the webcam included the momentary placement of the webcam and microphone onto the ground while we re-wired the cables. The inquisitive sheep and lambs in the field took this opportunity to investigate the equipment that has been watching them for some 2 months now!


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While watching this I saw a hen walking in the field. Do your hens run free on the farm?

Hi Maria - yes the hens are completely free range they have the freedom to go wherever they like! We often find them right at the bottom of the field grubbing about in the longer grass.

When I was growing up, we had chickens running all around the barnyard, and anywhere they wanted. Now they are called "free range"! Who knew? I just discovered this site, and love it. Thanks so much!