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Arrival of the tup to Marlfield

Let the fun begin!!

Although it is a bit earlier than usual, the tup will be arriving in the LambWatch field this afternoon, probably around two to three o'clock. We have decided to plan the lambing for a little sooner next year, around the middle to end of March rather than the beginning of April 2014. I'm not yet sure what breed he will be but I'm sure you will recognise him if he comes near the camera! Whatever he is, he will be much larger and heavier than our girls and no doubt there will be a great deal of interest in him from the ladies.

They will be moved into another field after today: a field which has been empty of stock throughout summer and therefore has plenty of uncontaminated grass which will put our breeding sheep (and the tup) into as best health as possible. This will give us the best chance of lots of healthy little lambie-bambies next year!!


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thank you for the update mother! any particular reason why you are going for an earlier season next year?

Its been rather forced upon us as we cant borrow a tup from any neighbours as we usually do ( none available ) so Howard is going to market today to buy one

how much does a tup cost these days? lookin forward to finding out what he comes home with... he will need a name... are you planning on renting him out after he has done his job at LambWatch?

Hope I manage to see the new addition to Lambwatch before he is moved to his love nest ! I hope he won't be as bad tempered as one of your previous tup who I think we christened Rambo. Will he have to live in a separate field after his love-in ? I shall miss the sheep whilst they are away.

I missed seeing the tup by half an hour (been out all morning) but I will keep an eye open for him this afternoon...

I think he's quite a lovely colour. And CIndy, he looks fairly well-behaved.

I have just read that the sheep and the new tup will not be coming into the Lambwatch field now so I was wondering if a photo could be taken of Dale so that we can see what he looks like. I understand he was seen but didn't get caught on the camgrabs. If this could be arranged, I for one, would be grateful. Thanks

Missed it. they will running around.