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New Stream Code

New code has been released which should make LambWatch more compatible on other devices including Android!

The code that the site uses to display the webcam picture has been updated. The result of the update means that the webcam should be more compatible on other devices, in particular, Android powered devices and latest releases of the Firefox browser.

Previously, the webcam picture used "Windows Media" technology, which is very very very very old technology. As a result, new versions of web browsers (including the latest version of Firefox) and new computer devices such as tablets and mobile phones have been unable to display the stream.

The picture is now being broadcast using a technology by Microsoft called "SilverLight" which is a more widely adopted technology across browsers and devices. Unfortunately, Silverlight is not currently supported on Apple mobile devices (iPads, iPhones etc) but it may be soon... The good news is that there is more chance of Silverlight being supported on Apple mobile devices than the old Windows Media technology so watch this space! In terms of Android powered devices and any PC / Mac devices, you're all in luck! Silverlight is fully supported and available on them (for Android devices you may need to download a third-party app).

What do I need to do?

The new Silverlight technology may immediately work for you if you have already installed the plugin (many sites require this technology to work properly). If you can see the stream, then great! For those who cannot see the stream, it should be replaced with a helpful message to show where the plugin can be downloaded and installed. Simply do this, and restart your device, and all should be well again!

Can I do everything I used to or anything new?

The Silverlight technology should allow you to do everything that was possible on the older technology, including mute, full screen etc. If you hover over the stream, the controls should appear and hopefully it is self-explanatory... If it isn't, have a click and see what you can do!

If you have any questions on this new picture technology, or if anything isnt' working, please simply leave a comment on this post and I will try to help!


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Eh ?

The option to mute or lower the volume just on the Lambwatch webcam is a great improvement mostly when the wind noise is loud; usually, I have to lower the volume on my laptop which means all other sites are at low volume.

Oh yes, I hadn't realised that... yep the volume control on the stream doesn't affect any other applications

Yes its great Dan ! Thanks

There is no need to refresh the page now when the picture stops... just use the play button.... (if the picture has stopped - click the stop button then click again to start it going again)

Nice one Dan! - I already have Silverlight installed on this PC for ages now and it does help a lot. Thank you.

seems like everybody is finding the migration to silverlight quite straight -forward and trouble-free!

I had to install a Firefox plug in when I got a new computer as it didn't support the old Windows media thing. I also have Silverlight (not sure why) so have been able to continue viewing without probs. I also like being able to control the wind noise.

I was lucky - a seamless transition from one to the other. But - I was always able to reduce the volume on the other app ( if that's what it is) and am happy I can still do that.

It might just be me, but it seems that "Silverlight" brings out more reddish and blue-ish aspects than the old Windows Media, and it appears that everything is touched by a slightly mauve-ish tinge, especially the nearest bird feeder and the big sycamore. But it might just be me!


I noticed the same color differences as Helen did. I just thought it was because I'm usually getting to the site in the English afternoon hours. Thanks for the upgrade.

Hi It does not work on Microsoft Surface Pro even though Silverlight is installed.