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The last eight days....

Lynda gives an update of events on the farm over the past few days. It's all goin' on!

Talk about one thing leading to another ! In the last eight days we have done haymaking, clipping and got the first lambs off to market.

Last Sunday's forecast on "Countryfile " gave a fine week. So on the strength of that , Howard cut all the meadows ready for making hay. On Tuesday, however, the forecast was changed to "Rain on Thursday" . As a result , the grass was not ready for hay but was fit for haylage, a cross between hay and silage. After a few phone calls on Tuesday evening, the big fellas with their big machines came on Wednesday afternoon to put the grass into rows, bale it and wrap it. At one stage, there were four tractors with their equipment working in our little fields ! Thanks to them, we have a good suppy of winter keep for our sheep.

Next, you will have noticed the sheep scratching and rubbing against the lambwatch sign.. an obvious sign of discomfort so as soon as the rain had passed, we made arrangements for them all to be clipped on Sunday morning. During the clipping process ( a hot and sweaty one ), the man who shears for us also works at Skipton Auction Market and knows his stuff. He said " By 'eck, 'Oward.. tha's got some grand lambs ! Gerremoff down t'rooooaad " which translated for non-Yorkshire folk means " Goodness me , Howard, what fine lambs you have. They are ready for going to market ".

So after the sheep got their winter coats off, we sorted them and have taken the single lambs from the lambwatch field " down t'rooooaad ". The mothers are now in the barn, drying off their milk but will soon be put back in the field. That is why there are only birds at the moment to see on the webcam.

Phew !! It has been pretty hectic but we have got some big jobs out of the way..... anyone for tennis ???


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Goodness, what a lot you got done in those eight days... love your sense of humour. Enjoy the tennis!

By gum what a week you've all had - talk about busy!, makes me feel ashamed. Pity about the weather and the hay - well the former is very undependable these days and I hope your 'Haylage' makes up for it. That quotation from the shearer had me in stitches, can almost hear him saying it. Anyway, well done in getting through a hectic week over there and Best Wishes from South Lincolnshire as always.

By, tha's bin reet busy! Your sheap shearer dialect bit made me laugh, I can just hear him saying it.

Tha's reet ! Us ev bin wucking us socks off an nooa mistake ! Be reet tho coz us'll git us feeat oop and 'ave a bit o' rest now tha' knows....mebbe gerrabit o' deacent kip at neet knowin' them gurt jobs is out o' t'way

I'm having trouble with that one Lynda lol

Gerron wi' ya Sarah... it's as plain as a pikestaff!

Lol Margaret

Nay, Sarah lass.....dust tha not know plain speek when tha sees it ? Tha mun just read it as 'ow its written. As tha sez, Margaret.. tis as plain as t'nose on thi face !! Berra gerra book on t' subject 'o Yarkshire speek , Sarah ! Tis plain enuff, tha knows, burra spose could be a bit tricky for some

What's Yorkshire for "lol"?

I am trying to do it it Yorkshire accent but essex is still coming thru lol

It seems to me that Yorkshire speek is verra close to Highland Scots speek. Anyway, I understood it but am not sure I could imitate it! Lovely, Lynda - give us more!