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Wonderful news !!

Wonderful news !!

Daniel and Heather are engaged to be married !! They have just returned from a week on the remote Scottish west coast ( Ardnamurchan ) where Dan proposed and Heather said " Yes " !! We are so pleased for them both and delighted that Heather will become a fully fledged member of the Procter family !! Many , many congratulations to them both and looking forward now to a wedding probably next year...... What do you think ? A hat or a fascinator for me ???


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Congrats to the happy couple. A good excuse for a whole new (expensive) outfit Lynda.

Many Congratulations to Dan and Heather on your engagement.Look forward to seeing a photo of the ring and the HappCouple.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Definitely a hat Lynda and maybe pale Lilac and cream for the outfit.I can see Liliana in a lovely little Cream dress with Lilac rosebuds on..

This is the most wonderful news! And what a place for a proposal - Lochaber! I wish you every possible happiness, not just because you had the good sense to choose north-west Scotland to pop the question but because you are such a great couple. And Lynda, I'm with Sue on shades of lilac and a hat to match. Happy planning!

Soooo happy to hear such lovely news. Congratulations to Dan and Heather on your engagement. You would suit either a hat or a fascinator Lynda... see what you can find that you like! As Sue said, we would love to see a photo or two of Dan and Heather and the ring.

Congratulations ,to Dan and Heather !,,Hope all goes well ,Good luck with the planning !

Delightful news indeed and I think a hat is probably in order! - but then my wife says I tend to be a bit old fashioned at times. Best wishes from Lincolnshire.

Congratulations Dan and Heather - how lovely to get engaged on Midsummers Day - very romantic.

Thank you everybody for the congratulations and well wishes I will put some pics up somewhere when I have sorted them out

Congratulations to you both