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RIP Lloyd

Today one of our favourite sheep passed away after her health deteriorated significantly over the past week or so.

Over the past week or so, Lloyd's health has deteriorated rapidly. The symptoms were similar to twin-lamb disease which often affects pregnant sheep but can also affect sheep who have suckling lambs too; caused by the same reason. Lloyd was a lovely mother, had a lovely temperament and produced the best lambs on the farm. Ultimately it was this that was the cause of her passing. She put so much of her body's resources into producing milk for her lambs that there was nothing left to keep herself going. Howard and Lynda noticed her behaviour and shape changing a week or so ago and as soon as the vet gave the diagnosis, we took her lambs away from her and started treating her with twin lamb remedies: plenty of sugar and electrolyte but in the end it wasn't enough. She passed away an hour or so ago and is laying peacefully in the barn. We are a bit sad as she was such a pet. She will be missed! RIP Lloyd


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I was very sorry to read about Lloyd and especially after her being such a good mum to her lambs. I'm sure she will now be happy in sheep heaven with the other Marlfield sheep...

I wonder if it was Lloyd I've seen lying out at night near the rocks. It was certainly a sheep with a dark face and legs, and her lambs were not too far away from her. Dear Lloyd - I met her once when she was a baby, and she was a lovely sheep. So sorry.

Sorry to hear about Lloyd. Sad day

Sorry to hear about Lloyd, but who knows her genes are in the pool and other super-moms could be on the way. I hope this thought can be of some comfort to you.

Lloyd went downhill very quickly at the end. At least we know we did everything possible for her but it just wasnt enough. Her two lambs, both female, will be kept to join the breeding sheep as they are unafraid of humans and have their mums soft nature. I shall miss Lloyd very much as I bottle fed her as a lamb and Im sure you will know that she always answered me with a bleat or two when I called to her.Her two lambs are doing fine, having had such a good start in life.... they are eating grass and sheep nuts and have pretty much stopped looking for their mum

Sad news indeed, it is always sad when one passes away. At least she had a good life, even if it was short.

I am very sorry for the death of Lloyd. It is never easy to lose a loved one.

Oh so sad,,poor Lloyd.

Sorry to hear the sad news about Lloyd

I am glad her lambs are OK. It's lovely that you can keep them, and that they are unafraid. I hope they have inherited their Mum's sweet temperament.