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All done for this year!!

Lynda reports on how the lambing birthing season for 2013 has now come to an end at LambWatch HQ!

Well, the lambing season for this year finished yesterday afternoon (in the beautiful sunshine) when our last sheep had a fine single lamb. We have been very lucky with the weather, unlike the early lambing farmers who had to contend with that awful snow right at their busiest time.

We have a total of 31 lambs off 21 sheep, a lot more single lambs than usual which is probably due to the wet, horrible summer last year meaning the ewes were not at their best, not having had a few months of warm, summer sunshine to recharge their batteries before tupping time came round again. We are topping up five lambs twice a day as their mothers haven't enough milk but hopefully this will soon stop when the grass comes and the milk supply increases from their mums.

Howard and I are now more than ready for some R and R!!


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Thank you Lynda for the news of the last lamb to be born. I hope you and Howard can now relax a little now. It wasn't too bad an afternoon here so hopefully you managed to have some time sitting in the garden.

Lynda, it's lovely to know that they are all safe and sound, even if there aren't as many lambs as you had hoped. Do you have a schedule for feeding them? I know a little girl who would like to watch if she knew when. Meanwhile, get some rest, some sun and some fun!

Thanks for the update and glad to hear things haven't been too bad this year, you have certainly earned a rest! Here, in the flatlands of South Lincolnshire we now have one or two days of gusting winds to look forward to - hope it doesn't affect you too badly up there in Cumbria. Best Wishes.

Ah, good to hear you're all done and things are pretty good, all told. Enjoy your R&R! I'd never considered that last year's weather would have an impact on the number of lambs this season, but of course, makes perfect sense as it affects the ewe condition, doesn't it?

glad to here all is well with yall.hope you have a good day. bless all of you.