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The sound of the lambs

An update on the 2013 lambing season from behind the scenes.

Well, we seem to be in full swing now and, fingers crossed, it all seems to be going very smoothly (unlike last year when we had all that rain). We have had eight sheep lamb, amongst them is Lloyd who had two strapping girls and also Cockly'ead who lambed last night... she has also had two little girls. We are "topping up" one lamb whose mother is a first time lamber and hasn't yet got enough milk and also one of Cockly'eads lambs as she is one-papped (only one side of her bag working). With the shortage of grass everywhere, the new families are in little crofts dotted about the farm where there hasn't been any stock in over the winter and so there is a bite to eat of fresh grass. Even so, they are being supplemented with sheep nuts, hay , molasses and haylage.

We really need some warm weather now to get the grass growing..... as I write this, it is snowing !!!


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My god Lynda,When is all this cold weather going to end, !,im glad thing are,nt going too bad for you(lambing wise) We just have to pray for better weather now !!!

Very good news about Cockly'ead and Lloyd. I can't believe that this cold easterly wind has returned and while we have the sunshine at the moment, rain is coming in by Thursday (so them 'as knows' are saying. If it would just warm up, it wouldn't be so bad. May the rest of lambing go well for you and thanks for the news update

I am longing to see the new little lambs but fully understand the problem of the lack of grass in the Lambwatch field. I just want to see if the adventurous lambs climb on the stones by the birdfeeder. So glad that it has been an easier lambing this year. Hopefully the temperature will get warmer very soon and the horrid east winds will cease. If anyone gets time can they take a photo of the lambs in the croft as I love the little newborn lambs.

thank you for the update mother. Looks like the snow has stopped at time of me writing this thankfully

Thank you so much for the update, Lynda. I will continue to pray that all the lambing is problem-free, although I don't seem to have had much luck with my "sundance" routine! The jet stream is stubborn both there and here. One of these days the sun is going to shine!