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Snow place like LambWatch!

Winter's teeth is biting relentlessly on the 2013 lambing season making life very difficult at LW HQ.

Winter is refusing to let go in 2013 and with many farmers already in the thick of lambing, the heavy snowfall over the past weekend is making life a misery for hill sheep farmers throughout the UK.

At LambWatch HQ we are not technically due to start lambing until this Friday 29th March but with weather like this, anything could happen. The heightened stress could bring on early lambing as well as a host of other problems. Access to the farm is pretty much out of the question without a 4x4 vehicle.

The sheep at LambWatch HQ are out during the day but are being brought in every night into the relative "warmth" of the barn, though you will see from the pictures below, it could be easily mistaken for a freezer.

Here is a selection of photos taken over the weekend at the farm. I have added more photos to our gallery.

Snow 1

Snow 2

Snow 3

Snow 4

Don't forget you can see all our snowy pictures, as well as a bunch of others, on our gallery.


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Awesome ,!!! Good pics Dan !

Amazing photos. Only nature can produce snow sculpture like the last photo...

WOWWW lots of it.

Brrrr..........Keep the critters indoors for as long as possible, espesially the young uns. God Bless.

Good luck with your lambing ! Hopefully you will have a nice lot of feed to keep the familys going . After being in your area last year, it is great that you are able to give us an up to date look at what is going on in your part of the world. We love it !