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New Equipment - Updated!

Just in time for the new season, I am pleased to announce a complete renewal of the webcam equipment!

Last weekend I spent the day installing some brand new equipment kindly funded by the LambWatch community and tested by Field Station 1, ready for the new lambing season, which, hopefully, is due to commence at the end of March / beginning of April!

The new equipment offers both a more robust microphone which should be more tolerant to the Yorkshire weather as well as a much wider-angled and more colour-rich webcam! Technology has moved on a lot since the first equipment was installed nearly 5(!!!) years ago!

You can see the difference clearly in angle and picture quality. Check out these two camgrabs taken before and after the new equipment. The new camera equipment is in exactly the same location as the old one so it is a like-for-like comparison:






I've also increased the sound settings to make the most of the new microphone.. The sound should be much clearer now... Please let me know if you run into any problems with buffering!


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What a big differance,Dan, The new cam is wonderful,clarity perfect !! thank you !

It's amazing! Beautiful, too. So clear and such rich colours. Thank you very much to Dan and all who contributed to this.

Beautiful picture. Thank you, Dan.

That is absolutely brilliant Dan thank you.

AWESOME! Dan Thank-U

What a massive difference in pictures to say they are only 2 weeks apart. Thanks to Dan,Lynda and Heather for having the patience to put the new can up.and for getting everything sorted.

I agree with all Sue said... many thanks

I've put some behind the scenes pictures up on the LambWatch Facebook and Twitter pages. You can see how much tidier it all looks now: [link] and [link]

I can't see anything on the cam - is it working today?

the cam seems to be fine today Jenny, is it still not working? What problems are you having?