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That time of year

Well, it had to come, I'm afraid, and the bills have to be paid...

Well, it had to come, I'm afraid, and the bills have to be paid. You will now notice that the number of animals in the field is decreasing as the fat lambs are being taken to market.

We have decided to keep all the female lambs born this year to replace some of the old girls who have been struggling to keep their lambs well fed... some are one-papped, others are just getting too old and one or two have failed to prove good mothers, rejecting their lambs or not having a good enough milk supply.

Harry, Lloyd, Ranvir and others have done well and they will be staying with us, you will be pleased to know!! We have now got two new names to add to the list... Peter and Brian (females!) who had lambs for the first time this year and have proved excellent mothers ( They were pet lambs from the 2011 lambing season).

The breeding flock will now have a couple of months rest before we kick off again in November with the introduction of a tup for next years lambs !


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thank you mother for the update Well done for entering it all by yourself! * for you

It's good to know that Ranvir, Harry and Lloyd have been good mothers. Would love to know why the females are being given male names. Thanks Lynda for the news 'at 10(th)..

Thanks for the news Lynda,We were all expecting it soon,

Good eh, Dan ? Margaret... the names given to the pet lambs are the names of the builder (Brian) and joiner ( Peter) who were here for the 2011 lambing, building our new extension. They mucked in when necessary to give us a hand with lambing and thought it only right they had recognition with something lasting !!

We've enjoyed watching those lambs fatten up, but we always knew the time would come.... Glad you are "expanding" your little flock to include some of this year's females but, like Margaret, I wonder about the male names. No doubt there is an answer! Thanks for the news, Lynda!

Oh yes... I feel that I should have remembered that! A wonderful idea for a job well done. Good for Brian and Peter..

Thanks, Lynda, for explaining the names. And I guess yows don't really stand around the field asking "Why do you have a boy's name?" Just silly humans like Lambwatchers want to know those answers!

I've enjoyed watching the Lambwatch webcam. I have been to the UK 3 times, staying at a friend's place in Lancashire. I must say, the the counties of Lancashire & Yorkshire are the loveliest to visit. Keep on doing what you are doing. I enjoy the Blue Tits, sheep & chooks.

Has something happened to the webcam? Past 2 evenings here it says live stream & everything else is OK, but just a grey, blank view.

Happy New Year, Lambwatch.