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Sheep finally clipped!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the sheep have been clipped, releiving them of their fleeces and reducing risk of maggots.

We had been waiting for weeks to clip the sheep: for a day or two of dry weather, so that their fleeces could dry out and become acceptable for the wool marketing board, and when the clippers could come and actually clip the sheep with their fancy sheers.

A very brief window presented itself on Sunday and the moment was siezed. Although the fleeces were still wet afterwards, we used any additional dry few minutes to dry them outdoors and get them in a suitable condition for selling to the board (they don't accept any wet fleeces).

The sheep are now relieved of their fleeces which will be far more comfortable but more importantly, will reduce the risk of them getting infected with maggots (not a nice sight) in all this wet weather. The maggots live under the fleece and it's not nice at all ([link] target='_blank'>see clip).

As a consequence of the shearing, we now have three fleeces which didn't make the standard for the wool marketing board and so we thought we would offer them for sale to the LambWatchers. If you are interested in purchasing an official LambWatch fleece, please see our forum thread about it below:

[link]>LambWatch fleeces for sale!


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Would you believe ,all that is going on under their fleece,,Not nice for them !

Glad you got your shearing done at long last Dan, it's so difficult to find a patch of dry weather at the moment due to the prevailing conditions. Oh the maggots are a real problem, people don't realise they infect live animals and not just dead meat, as you say they are not a pretty sight. Best Wishes from Lincolnshire as usual.

shearing done all ready wow, they look so cute with a cut