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Lambing Season Summary

The horrible weather this April made for one of the hardest lambing seasons in a long time...

Well, what a filthy month April was and the constant wet, cold weather made this year's lambing time one of the worst we have had for years: stressed sheep, stressed lambs and very stressed humans.

In total we have had 42 lambs and some of the "mums" did not have a great deal of milk so their lambs were going short and were getting too weak to suckle. This meant we have had to tube feed many lambs directly into their stomachs to " kick start" them.

We have had three rejected lambs and a mother with triplets developed very severe mastitis which meant her udder was infected and sore so that added another three to the bottle fed list. We are also "topping up " another two lambs as their mums are short of milk. We are going through lamb milk powder as though its going out of fashion and its not cheap !!

These waifs and strays are fed three times a day and will be for another two or three weeks at least.

A few days ago we found a two week old lamb dead in the field, its eyes having been pecked out by crows/magpies... this was a real sickener as you can imagine.

As some of our breeding sheep are getting past their best now, we have decided to sell a lot of them but the usual favourites, Ranvir, Cockly'ead, Lloyd, Harry and about ten others will be staying. We will have replacements in the form of the pet lambs now, which will mean they will be very tame and easy to manage when their time comes for having lambs.

Although the actual births have now finished, there is still a lot of aftercare required and we are just hoping for some warm and settled weather which will reduce stress levels for all concerned.

Finally, we are now awash with swallows......lovely!


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I am so sorry to hear about the very stressful time you have been having this year and the shock to find the poor dead lamb. You certainly have your work cut out for you with all the feeding of the lambs that you are having to do. We could really do with some warmer weather; it's cold today but if the swallows have arrived let's hope that the warmer weather isn't too far behind them.

Oh so sorry to hear about all the stress you and the sheep and lambs,have been through,Its been the most shocking weather ever,I just hope the weather,picks up now,Milly

Thanks for the update. Very sad to hear about the littleone. Glad things kinda went back to normal for you's all. We been thinking of you's on the farm. Take care and rest when you's can. Stressfull times. Catherine and Alex

I'm so sorry to hear about all the difficulties you've all been going through. Praying things start to turn around so everyone's stress level is lower and your efforts are not only more manageable but more rewarding.

Dear Lynda, I am so sorry about all this bad news. I have been thinking of you every day while I've been here in Yorkshire, and wondering how things are. Obviously not good. Sending prayers and happier thoughts your way.

Thank you for the update. What a workload you now have!, my goodness who could have foreseen that, usually there are the odd problems with lambing but never so many and you have my sympathy. Yes, April was a bad month, here in Lincolnshire despite the rain that fell we still have a Hosepipe Ban and may have until Christmas. Something has gone seriously wrong with our Seasonal weather and I wish I knew the cause. Best wishes to you all as usual

I am so sorry.You all do amazing work,and we so appreciate your sharing with us.I am going right now to Paypal to donate $$$ to Lambwatch. Please let me know if you receive it. I will be in England at end of MAy and wish so much I could stop by to see the farm, but it is too far for this trip. Surely next time! Oh,I forget how to do the donation,could you let me know???

I figured out all i have to do is click on "donate to LW" at top of page.

hey yall! so thankful that this site exists in the world still.hope your dad and momma re doing well. best wishes to you all and your farm.also hope another pheasant takes up with you all.