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Two Tups Arrive at LambWach HQ

'Tis that season again when the sheep are being prepared for the lambing season of 2012! Can you spot them on cam!?

Two new suffolk tups / rams (male sheep) have arrived at LambWatch HQ! You will notice them on webcam as they are quite big and have black faces. You will hear from this video of them taken today that their bleat is more of a grunt than anything else!

It is that time of year when the female sheep are introduced to the male in preparation for the lambing season of 2012!

You can see the two new chaps in this video, overlooked by a curious robin, taken today, when they were encouraged to the sign by Ranvir.... You will notice that they spend their time both scratching themselves on the sign and also pushing and shoving with each other as they try and sort out who's the boss! Can you imagine what they are both thinking as they walk off in the distance, both shoving against each other deciding who's stronger!

"I'm going that way"
"No you're not"
"Ohh yes I am..."
"No, seriously, you'll have to go through me first."
"Do you know what I reaaally can't be bothered!"
"That's it mate, you keep walking!!"


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Loved the way they got their heads together like they were planning which end of the field they were going.. lol. Then shoving their way before going their separate ways.... Saw the robin on the feeder too

It will be nice to see lots of little lambs all with black faces in the Spring although the two young tups don't seem very interested in their wives ..... perhaps they are webcam shy ! Anyway I hope they sire lovely strong and healthy lambs. Nice to see the tups - they look very handsome.

I want to know if the "girls" get a choice?

Sorting out the pecking order - or the head-butting order or something - do they really know they are rams? Too cosy for anything serious. ..

"Look mate.. theres that telly sheep... oh, she's off.... hoity toity " "Not to worry... how are we going to do this then?" "Dunno... let me 'ave a think" "Whats this Lambwatch sign about , mate?" " Dunno... let me have a scratch and think about it " "Well I reckon I'll take the ones on the left and you make for the ones down by the beck " "Spose so but I rather like the looks of your lot" "Tough" "Please... " "Not likely" " Okay then but I'm not best pleased"

Lynda, both you and Dan have a great talent for thinking up these 'conversations' between the tups... Thanks, I enjoyed them.. lol.

I am laughing so hard! Pushing against each other while walking!

You've got two fine, strong looking sheep there Dan. I'm sure they will be an asset to the farm in the years to come. Thanks for sharing them, (and the Robin!). Also to Lynda for the splendid sheep dialogue. Best Wishes from Lincolnshire

Funny clip. That time again.

How are the "gentleman callers": faring with Marlfield's girls? All Fun and Frolics?

Oh now, That was fun to see....and my laugh for the day. Love the dialogue...almost as good as thought bubbles.. . Looks like they could very well get along...lots a gals to go around .

this is so hilarious.I'm glad it is still up.

i think that was good and very intresting

I just went back (late May) to look at this clip again. I wanted to see how many of the lambs bear a family resemblance to their Dad(s), and the answer would seem to be, "Lots of them".. Who could have guessed at what a difficult and wet spring lambing season it would turn out to be, but that's not the tups' fault!.