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News Update

A quick news update on events happening at the farm over the past month or so!

As it is a good while since our last news post, we thought we would bring you up to date. Howard and Lynda are now very settled in the extension which is so warm and cosy and has everything that is required for a “granny flat “! There are some pictures below of the outside of the extension and you can see how well it blends with the farmhouse. Tom and Gayle are making the farmhouse into their own home and Dan’s previous bedroom is now redecorated and furnished ready for the arrival of the next generation of the Procters which is due in four weeks’ time. Gayle has been well during her pregnancy in amongst all the changes that have been going on for our family over the last year.





As far as the farm is concerned, there have been two lots of lambs taken to market so far but we still have Ranvir’s twin lambs as they need to put on a bit more weight. We are keeping four of this year’s lambs: the two with very black faces and legs and two which have been bottled fed and are very tame. These will be added to our breeding stock to replace the sheep which prolapsed this year and also a couple of older sheep who are pretty much past their best and not really fit enough to produce any more lambs.


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It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lives with us all

Oh, it's just lovely. Such a treat to look at from the outside and I bet the inside is shaping up nicely too. Thank you fior sharing it with us. And I notice that the flower baskets are hanging and looking so colourful - so all is well. I hope Dan will still have a place to lay his head the next time he comes "home".

Many thanks for the update Dan. The farm looks very good and I love the flowers over and each side of the door. Every good wish to Lynda and Howard in their new home and also to Tom and Gayle in their new home and all the very best for the forthcoming birth of the next generation of the Procter family. It's very exciting for you all and for the Lambwatch family too

Job well done! The extension is beautifully designed and crafted and blends so well with the old buildings. I imagine it has "all mod cons" inside.I really enjoy the combination of old and new in England--I have a photo that I took years ago of a brand new Britisn Telecom truck parked outside a very old pub in Windsor. It had a date of 1472 and I thought the contrast was terrific. Best wishes for much happiness in the new quarters to all as you wait to welcome a new generation to the old farm.

The inside is every bit as good as the outside.... we have an open fire which heats radiators throughout, ensuite bathroom and a kitchen/living area , cleverly divided by means of an "island ". Dont worry Helen , our old bedroom in the farmhouse has been converted into a guest bedroom and looks a lot better than it did when we had it !! . So Dan still, and always will , have somewhere to lay his head....

here is a pic of mum and dad in their new house. Mum is checking LambWatch and dad is on YouTube... lol [link] ... he really is!

What a great photo, Lynda and Howard. I can hardly believe that Howard is checking out Youtube, but it looks like it. And it all looks so homey and cosy. I wish you all happiness in your new "digs" and send best wishes for the arrival of awaited Baby Procter Home Sweet Home: there's no place like it, even with a new look (or in your case, a new extension!) .

Dan, you rotter !! I said that was an awful picture of me and now youve posted it for all to see!!

awww dont be nasty its a good pic!

Oh, wow, this is amazing. It looks as if it were built with the rest of the house! So happy for y'all. And Lynda, the picture is great. I love it!

A beautiful addition to your home. Even from the outside it looks warm and inviting! A good place for a growing family.

Dan, why cant you please keep Ranvir`s Twins?? there so beautiful, and they also represent your Farm better then any other. I`m asking you to please don`t take them to market. I would rather send you a check donation, can I please have your address? I never pay with credit cards or check cards on the computer, in case of being hacked, so if you could, please give me your address, and also, tell me if the twin lambs are really going to market, thanks, Danny

Hi Danny. Both Ranvirs lambs are castrated male lambs and as such will not be kept on the farm. We only have adult female sheep as we are a working farm and it would not be practical to keep two " passengers" . They would just become fatter and fatter and more and more unhealthy. Im sorry but this is the reality of a working farm rather than a tourist attraction.

Lynda, are you talking about the twins?

yes, Danny.... Ranvirs twin lambs that she had this lambing time in April

For my money (if I had any!) I am glad you are keeping the little black and white ones. They are so funny and so cute. A couple of years from now they'll be producing funny and cute speckled lambs of their own. And Danny, Ranvir will have more lambs next year.

The Extension looks lovely and homely,,

That has been very cleverly done, congrats to the builders. I bet you are really cosy and warm this winter.

Your new home is beautiful. Perfect for future grandparents. And Lynda, my son has a picture of me that he loves to show, especially since he knows I think I look awful. What is it with sons?

Where's the piano? Or has Howard let YouTube replace the piano?

I do hope Howard brought the piano! Espcially for those long winter evenings..

Amazing how the bulding blends in with the old farmhouse. You both look very settled ready for the new little Procter to visit. Love to all

i love that house.cant help but wonder at the effort it took to collect and transport those stones.

I have been away from LW most of the spring and summer. I missed a good part of all the events. The new addition looks wonderful ! Very cozy. British craftsmanship, amazing ! I hear the little Grand Daughter has arrived ! Congratulations ! Everything is perfect !