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Making Hay While The Sun Shines?!

We are hoping to get our first hay crop today! Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for it!

The field which we call the "copy" was cut on Sunday in the hope that it would stay dry so that we could make some hay out of it!

After a lot of tension and looking to the heavens and hoping the weather stays dry, it looks like we could be lucky. The baler contractor is arriving at 1pm today so hopefully the rain will stay away!

Hay is becoming increasingly short in supply as farmers opt for the easier option of making silage or haylage as it is less reliant on the weather, but at LambWatch HQ we like to get hay bales if we can because they are easier to manage and it smells nicer too!


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Oh, the smell of newly-cut hay! Well, I will do a little sun dance for you from here. I hope the weather holds!

I do hope the weather holds for you. I can still remember the smell of the hay when I visited the farm a few years ago.

Fingers and toes crossed for dry weather.

Hope all went well for hay making. I remember seeing the hay barn too.

I love the smell of newly-cut grass. I'll send LW some Tx. sunshine.