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Maternity Ward Closed For Another Year!

All the sheep which were in lamb have now all produced so the maternity ward has now been closed for another year!

Well that's a wrap! The sheep which were in lamb have now all produced their offspring! The last sheep produced her lambs yesterday.

There is still a lot of work to be done looking after the lambs but now all the sheep have actually produced, it's a big load off our minds. It means sleep can now actually be had!

The weather has been extremely kind to us this year. In terms of weather, it's been one of the best lambing seasons - it's been a pleasure to be outdoors. Last year was a completely different story. If the weather is on your side, it halves the effort required.

The LambWatch field is now populated with lots of springy lambs who are already starting to play around in front of the webcam! Stay tuned for guaranteed entertainment as they become more accustomed to the sign!


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Good job, well done. I'm happy that you can both finally get some rest, as I've seen the torch light in the field at strange hours and know you must have been out checking the yows which hadn't delivered. I look forward to shenanigans around the sign!

So happy that all the sheep have now had their lambs and you can now have an unbroken night's sleep to recharge your batteries good and proper! What wonderful weather we have had this Spring which is a tonic in itself. I look forward to seeing lots of lambs skipping about and coming to the sign for sniffs, playful headbutting etc. A good job, jobbed!

sunny day!