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A Quick Update

A lot of people have been asking for updates on events over the weekend. Lynda provides a quick update on events...

Hello.. a quick update.. the lambs born over the weekend ( on the videos ) and some more, are all ok.. We are still waiting for cockley'ead, Ranvir and four others to produce. when they have had their lambs , all the sheep with lambs will be put into the lw field, apart from the single lambs and their mums and the triplets with teir mums . They are being kept seperate... triplets for extra feed and singles for very little feed as their mums have LOADS of milk.. plenty to feed their single lambs.

P.S. we have still not mothered on the twins to their surrogate mother Green back... tis well over a week and she is still being a pain in the neck with one of them


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Can you please tell us how many live lambs there are up to today (April 11th)? Thanks, Helen

hiya helen, im not sure mum will have seen this message... but the sheep have had a good number of lambs this year. i think its about 2 per sheep but cant be any more precise.