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A Bit Manic

It's all a bit manic at LambWatch HQ. A shutter of lambs over the weekend and seven offspring from 2 sheep today!

Lynda: "Had quads this am, triplets at 1am in night (triplets needed a vet), still farting with mothered on twins... Dunno what day it is, brain gone!"

Sunday (Mother's Day): "Greenback had one huge dead lamb so trying to mother 2 onto her but she has face on (rejecting lambs)"

Fortunately, the workmen are willing to lend a hand - last week Howard had to leave the farm and in the meantime, the prolapse sheep was giving birth. A workman held the prolapse sheep while Lynda cut the stitches (first time ever she did this) but all was well!


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Oh, my goodness - there's going to be a lot of bottle feeding going on. Is quads a record for you? It must be. So sorry about Greenback's one lamb and her unwillingness to take on some little ones. Hope something improves there. Thinking of you and sending prayers.

My word, there has been lots going on behind the scenes. So sorry to hear of the dead lamb and hope Greenback will take the two lambs. Well done Lynda and the workmen too for helping out. Sending thoughts and prayers that there will only be quiet and successful births to come.

Lots of lambs, wonderful. Hope you are getting some rest.

Not the best of Mother's Day for you, Lynda. I do hope all goes well for the lambs. Sorry to hear about Greenback's lamb. Do you have to feed some of the quads? You and Howard are in my thoughts and prayers.

Last week I was watching the field in the late afternoon when the largest sheep I've ever seen passed by the camera - she looked like a battleship in full sail. I made a bet on triplets, but she might have been the one carrying quads.

Oh wow! Unbelievable! Wish I had magical powers so I could blink myself there. I would help however I could!! Has this ever happened before - quads? or triplets? Can't wait to see them.

The quads must be so cute. Wish I could see the dear little things.

our sheep had quads cool lots of feeding hehe late nights cant what to see them lynda and howard and all.

l read wrong!!!! quads and triplets wowwwww which sheep had them do l no them?

haw do shep gif buf

Hi Lynda, sounds like you and Howard have been soooo busy! Sorry to hear about Greenback's lamb, bless her, hope the others are doing ok? Maybe a little sunshine will improve things this weekend... will be thinking of you. L&J x

I've had this webcam on for 2 hours and the ewe in view has been over by that tree for all that time! - is she OK?