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First Lamb Delivery On Schedule! *Updated*

The first sheep of the 2011 lambing season produced two lambs at 3am this morning - right on schedule!

We have a female sheep, daftly named "Lloyd", along with his / her sister(?) equally daftly named "Harry", after two characters from the film Dumb and Dumber, because they resemble their characteristics... Anyway, that's beside the point

Both these sisters are first-time lambers this year and LLoyd gave birth to twins this morning at 3am - one female and one male. To start with, Lloyd wasn't too keen on the male lamb but has since grown to love it. The female lamb is wick and fine but the male lamb is slow and stupid and doesn't know how to suck. Howard and Lynda have tried to bottle feed the male one but it's too stupid to take the bottle. There were no real complications during birth that may explain the male's stupidness so we are unsure why it is like this. What can sometimes lead to this stupidness is if the lamb has spent too long in the birth channel or has, say, had its head stuck out but nothing else... this constriction around the neck often results in brain damage which would result in similar symptoms to what the male lamb is showing but this didn't happen with this one so this case is "just one of those things". It could be caused by all sorts of things. It could be attributed to the fact that Lloyd is a first time lamber and often this leads to extra complications. Who knows, if it dees it dees. Time will tell.

Howard noticed that Lloyd was showing signs of producing at one of his nightly checks of the sheep at 2am this morning. He noticed that LLoyd wasn't really pushing or getting on with it, again, this could be down to lack of experience, so he helped her out and assisted with the two born lambs.

The family spent the day in the garden where Howard and Lynda can keep a close eye on them and they will be spending the evenings in the barn in case it gets a bit nippy.

Time will tell what will happen to the male lamb but the female is looking fine so far, touch wood

19:17 Update: Reports from LambWatch HQ are that the male lamb is now suckling "like a good 'un"! Lynda's force feeding it of bottled milk appears to have kick-started it. This is good news


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I hope the male lamb picks up from his sister how to suckle... good luck to the new family

Perhaps Lloyd knows something about that little boy that she cannot tell you? But I hope he's OK. If you can get him through the first little while, he may turn out to be a fine little Lloyd Junior. How are you going to get him to suckle? With a milk-soaked rag? Three cheers for Lloyd for being first. Good girl. Good luck with these babies and all the others due to arrive.

I am pleased to announce the male lamb is now suckling!

Great news!!

Great news. I'm so glad.

Well done Lloyd and to welcome to the world little ones. I am glad that the young man has taken to suckling. He is in great hands with Lynda to teach him. Congratulations to you all!!!

I have a question but not an urgent one. I'm just curious if Lloyd's babies carry any of the peculiar markings of their mother?

In answer to your question Helen.. they have tan coloured ears and legs from the knees down... otherwise they are the same colour as their Dad, mainly white..

ahhh so nice to hear they are doing great lynda and howard

Thanks, Lynda. Miss and Master Little Brown Socks! I hope they are both still doing well.

Five lambs so far!

Congratulations, Howard and Lynda, on a successful start of lamb delivery. Hope all goes well with the others.