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"Ere we go again" - Again

The sun may be shining but all is not well this morning at LambWatch HQ...

An all-too-often problem has once again reared its ugly head early doors this morning as Howard rushes off to the vet with the first bad prolapse of this year's Lambing season. This is one of a sheep farmer's biggest problems on the run up to (and even during) a lambing season, not least because it is a very expensive matter to resolve but it also increases the possibility of problems when / if the sheep finally gives birth. Until that time, the sheep will also need extra care and attention which is time consuming.


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Prayers coming your way.

Sending positive thoughts to all in Marlfield Farm.

I do hope that is the only sheep to have this problem. As Helen and Joanna wrote... prayers and positive thoughts are being sent to you all at the farm

Hope the sheep and her unborn lamb will be ok.

I am not sure how you do it. but I am glad you do. My best to all involved in this task. May Howard gain strength knowing there are numerous people supporting him.

I hope all turned out well and everything goes well from now on!

Prayers from USA, Rhode Island - I love your farm news, and am anxious to see the sheep again!

just to keep folks updated - there has been another sheep which has prolapsed since but it wasnt as big so we have solved it by giving it the "coat-hanger" treatment. If you google "prolapse spoon" you will see what this is.

Hi there. I visited your Lambwatch- you probably remember. My husband, Dennis, did not get over to the UK in Dec. as planned, but he will be there next week. Can he come see you? I told him how much fun it was, and he wants to be there too! Please let us know! Thank you, Linda

Woodpecker on the feeder.