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"'Ere we go again!"

LambWatch kicks off its third year broadcasting lambing time live over the Internet on 31st March!

The third "season" of LambWatch is due to commence on the 31st March 2011 (ish), when the first sheep are due to start lambing.

Obviously it isn't an exact art; predicting the precise due date, so to be sure you don't miss any "action", be sure to tune in a week or so in advance if you aren't doing so already!

The field is rested, the grass is green, so all we are hoping for is a lambing season that is as straight forward and as stress-free as possible!

Of particular note may be that one of the pet lambs, Harry, is due to lamb second, but as has already been said, whether it does or not remains to be seen. 'Tis a funny old world!


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We are waiting with bated breath for the lambing season to start and hope and pray that all goes well this year. 'Tis a funny old world indeed Dan but isn't nature wonderful?

Oh, excitement is building. I hope and pray that all goes well, that the yows and lambs are healthy and that the midwives survive all the midnight watches as they help usher the new arrivals into the Lambwatch world.

Cant wait for the lambs.

An exciting time. I hope all goes well with the lambing.

Looking forward to seeing sheep and lambs too very soon.

Best of luck Dan, hope it's a good year for you.

I'm waiting to see what Lottie does this year.