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Four New Arrivals

Four new residents have arrived at the LambWatch HQ Chicken Retirement Home!

Four new Sussex hens are making themselves at home at LambWatch HQ after having moved here from their old house in York.

The hens are living in a small hen hut on the farm and are being kept separate from the main flock for now while they acclimatise. They will eventually be integrated with the main flock so that they can sort out the pecking order. Here are some pics of the new arrivals. There are four of them but one was away laying a tasty egg





Bless em...

You can see the biography of another famous Sussex chicken over at HenCam HQ. Sadly poor Milly passed away in early 2010 but her memory will live on


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Oh, they're so pretty! I know they will enjoy their wonderful new home.

Indeed they are very pretty chickens! Hopefully we will see them in the Lambwatch field sometime during the next few months. It was interesting to read about Milly at HenCam ....

Wow they are big 'uns..some lovely eggs from them when they start laying...

They are such pretty ladies. The others will be jealous. I hope they will be very happy (and productive) at Lambwatch.

These are fine, strong looking birds with very attractive colouration and markings which give the impression of having a scarf around the neck, lol. Folk often forget that hens have varying personalities too, my Grandmother in Ireland used to keep Rhode Island Reds long ago and I remember their vagaries well. These guys will soon make their presence felt! Best Wishes

How wonderful to have an egg laid on your own property by your own hen. My cousin has taken to keeping hens. I would love to do that but I have cats. One is too old to care but the younger one (her daughter) would be a problem.