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One Million Hits!

This little quiet corner of the internet celebrates over 1 million hits!

If you'd have said back in March 2008 that in just under three years time, this little webcam website would be celebrating its one millionth hit, you'd have probably been laughed at!

However, 'tis true! The visitors are literally "flocking" to the website! And in fact, our one millionth hit came at some stage on the 17th January 2011 - just under three years since this website launched!

As well as working hard to keep the website running, busy little lambot spends his days also counting visitors (He tried counting sheep but he only got to 10 before nodding off).

A "hit" is an event whenever somebody clicks a page on the website. Lambot also counts how many "unique hits" we get on the website. A unique hit is effectively a unique visitor, irrespective of how many times they click on a webpage within a website. Although not as impressive as a million, we have up to now had over 500 thousand unique hits to this little corner of the Internet!

Thank you to everybody who has made LambWatch what it is and here's hoping the impending Lambing season goes as smoothly as possible.


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Congratulations on your milestone, heres hoping the next million come even quicker.

Well done Dan and all the family, it is so nice to read this testimony to your hard work. This is a really interesting site of course, loads of content, no rubbish and with an element of 'family' about it which is endearing. Thank you and Best Wishes throughout 2011 and beyond!!

Great News Dan! Congratulations! As Chas said well done to you and your family especially Lynda for keeping the cam and the camgrabs going for us and answering our numerous questions. Can't say I'm surprised that you have had so many hits; this is the best site on the internet. I hope the farm has a successful lambing season and long may your Lambwatch site stay broadcasting....

Congratulations ! And in this opportunity, it's time to say thank you to you and to Lynda and family and indeed to all the good watchers. And we appreciate your good approach , Dan, to this blessed stage. Succeeding success to you ! (If it is not secret, Dan, I,maybe We , curios about the 'hero' to be the milionth...)

Oh, congratulations! That's wonderful news, Dan and Lynda and Howard and sheep (and hens and pheasants and owls and rabbits and beautiful Woody and his companions at the feeder) . Break out the Yellow Tail and raise a glass to celebrate that your little dream became such a big reality. Well done. I am so happy I discovered it - as Margaret says, the best site ever..

one does ones best

Thank you so much for making my life and others' lives so much richer. I llook forward so very much to seeing that little corner of the world every day and being a part of the Lambwatch community. Claudia

I am so glad that Lambwatch is such a great success. Viewing Lambwatch and finally getting the courage together to chat completely changed my life as I have made so many lovely friends whilst chatting. Long may the site continue to flourish and I offer a million thanks to Dan and all at Marlfield Farm for all their hard work and friendship.

Congratulations to Linda and Dan and all residents of Marlfield Farm

Congratulations! This is one of my favor sites. I check it often and when I get a chance, I also peek in the chat room. Blessings to everyone at Lambwatch!

Congrats! I, too, totally enjoy your site. If I can't be in the English countryside, you are the next best thing...love the sheep, the chirp of the birds, the whistle of the wind...thank you!

Well,Congrats to Dan for getting the site up and running in March 2008.And Thanks to all at Marlfield Farm for reciting poetry and the limericks,what a grand night that was. I love this site and I have made so many friends far and wide across the World from OZ to USA,to Canada and South America.May the coming Lambing season be trouble free and lots of lambs to sit and watch gambolling across the field. Lynda and Howard have been absolutely brilliant for letting us look into their world of the farm and how much hard work goes into Lambing with sleepless nights and happy deliveries. I hope the site goes from strength to strength and will be here for many years to come for all the younger Lambwatchers that look in now and again.. Thanks so much to the Proctor family and may you all enjoy the coming years. Wishing you a rainbow For sunlight after showers— Miles and miles of Irish smiles For golden happy hours— Shamrocks at your doorway For luck and laughter too, And a host of friends that never ends Each day your whole life through!

I am not surprised at the number of visitors. It is a lovely site, my sister lives in Leeds, so I always start my evening with a look at your morning, to see what the weather will like in Moortown, Yorkshire. Many, many thanks and congratulations.

I agree with everything everyone has said about the site,,,Its brilliant,,thank you .

You have a unique site--one that involves the joys of watching nature and the human contact of visitors and your family. You allow strangers to come into your lives; you answer questions from all of us who are not sheep-oriented; you entertain us; you let us chat with others around the globe. Thank you. It's no wonder others have found this site in such a short time.

Congratulations on your milestone and a huge thankyou for maintianing such a brilliant site. Your work is certainly appreciated as I look in nearly every day to see what is going on. Thanks for sharing

thanks for your lovely webcam and all the info on the farm, i also wish you and the family a good lambing year.