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In Other News... Exciting Extension Work!

This summer, LambWatch HQ news flow has been quiet but fret not... it's been far from quiet on the farm!

This summer has seen some very exciting developments take place at LambWatch HQ. It all started one quiet evening last year when Tom and Gayle revealed to Howard and Lynda that they would like to return to the farm house after they got married...!

A successful planning application and lots of preparation later, work has commenced on building an extension to the existing farmhouse, which, now that all three sprogs have flown the nest, will be the new high-tech home for Howard and Lynda! Of all the new technologies to be installed, the best of all and most exciting of all, is the installation of a brand-new all-singing all-dancing bore hole(!) This means that the farmhouse (and new extension), are no longer reliant on a dodgy old unreliable spring water supply which liked to stop running given the slightest opportunity! Of course, the '[link] target='_blank'>Old Faithful', will always be there "just in case"!!

The extension is to be built "in-keeping" with the existing farmhouse. The stones that are being used have been taken from two sources: the old outside toilet and the old farm building which we referred to as the stable. Both these old buildings were on the verge of collapsing so they have been demolished and put to good use! It was suggested that the new extension be called "The Outside Bog" but not sure how well that went down!

Here are some pictures of the building work in various stages:

Installing the bore-hole:

Demolishing Stable and Outside Toilet:

Excavation Work:

Installing Septic Peg Tank

Building Extension!

The building work is progressing very well and we are all very pleased with how it is going! Lynda's cafe has been doing a roaring trade...!

This is a really exciting time for the family as it confirms that the farm will stay in the Procter family for yet another generation. This was never in any doubt but it has now finally become a reality!

This is quite an historic development in the history of Marlfield Farm and something that will change its face forever: freezing one's "body" off when going to use the outside toilet in the depths of darkest Winter and our fretting about the water supply during dry (and wet) spells are all things for the history books!


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Wonderful to see what has been happening--England must have the quietest workers in the world or the cam is well away from the scene of the action. This is a massive job-the demolition and now the new extension. My father was a builder in Newfoundland and I have always loved this stuff, but adding on to a building this old and using the old stone from the other buildings is new to me. Thanks for letting us all see what has been happening--look forward to seeing the finished product!

Thanks for all the details Dan. This came as quite a surprise today, had no idea such developements were taking shape in the background! It is good to see that you are using original stonework and the new bore hole will be a blessing in years to come that's for sure. Look forward to some more pics later as the work progresses, meanwhile thanks for sharing this, I am still agog with your great project!!

Very interesting to see what has been happening and good news to know that the farm will be kept in the Proctor family. I was interested in the photos under the heading 'Excavation Work' and wonder if you could let us know what they are/were used for.. So glad to know that you are going to have a reliable water supply too.... it's all good!

That looks an interesting find under excavation...if you look cosely you can see an archway...wonder if it was a cellar for storing meat...back in 1750

hi linda , the pics look good of our trucks . glad you didnt print the ones of john and i working to oftern whilst we drilled your bore hole . we dont like jeff seeing us do to much , he thinks we work to hard as it is . hahahaha .

There is so much good news in this story: that the farm will stay in the Proctor family, that you will have a reliable water supply, that Lynda and Howard will have a lovely new, state-of-the-art Annexe for their new home, that the old building stones are being re-used and recycled for the new building. It looks lovely, and I'm sure there have been some interesting discoveries as well - the old stone archway over the empty space is one, for sure. Could that have been a root cellar? Anyway, blessings on these developments - they look wonderful, and bring a sense of peace, security and continuity with them.

Wow! This is so amazing. When I first found this website, I found an article...somewhere on the internet about Marfield Farm. I was in awe. I think I've mentioned this before - your home was built before we Americans declared our independence. So very fascinating. Congrats!

Oh goodness, that sounds like I was telling you something you didn't know! lol. Didn't mean it come out like that. It's just so fascinating to me.

good luck in your new venture.....

Wow Big Project, Thanks for showing the pictures to us very interesting to see what it looks like back in the days. Meaning the stones being used. Glad everything worked out okay.

WOW !!!

What a large undertaking. Sure you will be pleased on you first winter waking to a new and secure building to sip coffe in while the winds blow outside. Hope we can stop by to see the new part when it's finisehed.