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Breezy, Battered and Bruised

The recent strong winds at LambWatch have certainly left their mark on the landscape!

The recent strong winds that have been pounding up the valley to LambWatch HQ have certainly made their presence felt!

Many of the newly planted trees have been flattened: Howard spent the day yesterday straightening them up but there are still a lot more to do. Lynda has been helping today.

There is a big ash tree just off cam which has lost a huge limb overnight. How it hasn't completely blown over is beyond us as it has a gigantic crack down the trunk.

The latest thing to have been affected is a dry stone wall that marks the boundary of fields. A large gap has just appeared in it between two large trees. This will need fixing before any of our neighbour's animals get into the lush pastures of LambWatch HQ!


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roll on summer !!

Amen to that Lynda! So sorry to hear about all the new trees being flattened and the ash tree and the wall. Such a lot of extra work for you.

And it has only just begun!! ,,Like Lynda says,,,Roll on summer

so sorry!! So sad about the new trees!!

Sorry to hear of all that damage Dan, hopefully the wind will begin to abate now that the low pressure system is moving away to the NE at last! Best Wishes

It looks like the summer is going out? Here it gives some signs like dropping, temperature's down , wandering birds to the south and swallows slide the city air.

Listening to the howling winds, I'm amazed that things survived as well as they have. The feeder is intact, the birds seem to be able to feet even in the mdist of the wildest gyrations, and the sheep just carry on. But it is a shame to lose even one tree, especially if they are old friends and have been there for a lifetime. I hope the young ones are resilient enough to endure the bending and twisting that has been their lot in the last few days. Roll on summer, indeed, but we have a ways to go yet!

I did know you would have winds that strong. Hope the wall isn't too much work. And good to hear that the tree didn't do any structural damage to building.

I say the weather been crazy when we seen it from the cam here and we had some bad moments aswell here rain&wind never no what it's upto can make a big mess for everyone in local areas and farms Glad everyone was safe and sound but the big mess afterwards Lynda and Howard to bad we could of helped somehow put the Girls to work. l talked to Lynda the other day just about finishedup,Howard reduing the planting of the trees again. Hope you's had a glass of wine afterwards cheers