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Cuckoo Arrives At LambWatch HQ!

Everybody is very excited this morning as the first sighting of a cuckoo was made in the trees!

Everybody is very excited this morning as the first sighting and hearing of a cuckoo was made in a planting of trees at the farm near the hen huts! It was spotted being mobbed by the swallows, of which we know there are at least nine pairs nesting in the farm buildings!

We haven't seen or heard a cuckoo around the farm for years - in fact it is so long we cannot remember when the last time we heard one was!

The arrival of the cuckoo and the plethora of swallows comes as the tip of the iceberg as only the other weekend, a green woodpecker was heard chattering and cackling in the trees. In the same way, it is the first time in memory that we have heard a green woodpecker at the farm!

Whether the arrival of the cuckoo or the green woodpecker together with a plethora of swallows and curlews is down to pure co-incidence, an improved habitat thanks to our farm practices or as some would like to argue, global warming, who can possibly tell.... All we know is that it is absolutely lovely to have such a diverse variety of wildlife at the farm. There has definitely been a significant increase since we planted 12,000 trees three years ago!


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was it actually seen by the cam? How exciting

Very good to hear about the cuckoo and green woodpecker. I heard a cuckoo in Sherwood Forest a few weekends back when i was visiting Nottingham. It was the highlight of the day!

I think the call of the cuckoo is a real rare thing to hear nowadays - I love to hear the distinctive call. Good to learn that Marlfield Farm is turning into a nature reserve and it has been well worth the effort of planting all the young trees. Hope we manage to hear the cuckoo on the webcam and perhaps view the green woodpecker.

Today it was the first time in my life to hear the voice from a Cuckoo. I googled your Cuckoo to hear this on YouTube. I don't know what is the meaning of ' tip of the icberg' but I do know a phrase from Aristo , the ancient Greek philosopher:" One swallow does not tell us the spring is coming" In my country there is the Barm Swallow commonly.

Wonderful news. When I first read your email alert i thought your reference to a cuckoo might be a reference to one of us Lambwatchers! No, seriously, this is wonderful news, and perhaps the beginning of a whole new era of bird life for Marlfield Farm.

Rethinking my wording, i wonder if "icing on the cake" is a more appropriate metaphor... who knows... maybe the tip of the iceberg is yet to come

dan ohh so nice what do they look like? can you post something about them in highlights. they make different sounds then the common ones birds?

Delighted to hear you have a cuckoo about Dan. I haven't heard one in years now, since I left Ireland long ago - you never forget that unique song though..

My stepdaughter told me this little rhyme relating to the cuckoo: The cuckoo comes in April He sings his song in May In the middle of June he changes his tune July he flies away.