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Sheep Shearing Day!

The annual sheep shearing took place this morning as all the sheep had their fleeces clipped.

Look out for skinny sheep on the webcam! This morning all the sheep had their annual haircut and were all clipped. The sheep were sheared just before the rain arrived so the fleeces stayed dry thankfully.

You may notice a few of the sheep have blue blotches on them where their skin was caught by the clippers. The cuts were immediately sprayed with penicillin to prevent infection.

Clipping sheep helps to prevent maggot infestation at this time of year when the warm temperatures and damp conditions are prime conditions for flies to lay their eggs in the sheep fleece. Shearing them helps to reduce the risk of this.


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Well do I remember last year's hit movie about shearing. I'll have to look at it again now. Thanks for letting us know, Dan.

For anyone who has not seen sheep shearing done, any new viewers, go to Highlights and scroll down till you come to "Clipping Ranvir".

here is the link to the Clipping Ranvir clip. [link]

Great news!!! Thanks for telling us Dan They must feel better with all that wool off of them.