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Radio 2 Lambing Live Shoutout!

LambWatch gets radio fame on Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show thanks to "Lambing Live"!

Download Chris Evans's Shoutout

Keen listeners of Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show will have spotted a 3 second shoutout for LambWatch on this morning's show!

[link] alt='Lambing Live' class='gallerythumb' style='float:none' />

The shoutout was made at approximately 8:20 this morning UK time and was made as a result of all the current media attention put on the lambing season as a result of BBC2's "Lambing Live" series this week, which is proving a real hit!

You can listen to Chris's show now on the BBC iPlayer but to save you searching through the entire show, you can listen to Chris's shoutout by clicking the link at the top of this page!

Thanks Chris for giving us a shoutout! We listen to your show every morning and it was really exciting to hear you mention our little website on the national radio waves!!

If you have a question about the programme, you are welcome to post it in our forum thread dedicted to the BBC Lambing Live series!


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Aww that's great news!!

It's good to see Lambwatch getting a mention on national media at long last!

The news article has been updated with the shoutout from the BBC show!

Loved listening to the shoutout! Glad Lambwatch is getting the credit it deserves

to Emma Kwan and mum ur the best and James michal daineul Callum