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A Christmas Scene

We woke up this morning to a covering of crisp fresh snow with robins at the feeder; a picture of peace!

Winter has truly returned to LambWatch! It was pretty much this time last year too when the first Winter-time snowfall fell at the farm, and the same has happened this year!

Flakes are still drifting peacefully in the light breeze and there is more snow forecast but already, the sheep and birds of LambWatch have woken up to a crisp fresh covering of snow.

If you are lucky enough to catch sighting of a robin on the birdfeeder then it really finishes off the Christmas feel to the scenery.... The sheep will be there too somewhere but might be difficult to spot in the fresh white snow!

We hope everyone can enjoy the snow that has fallen and it doesn't cause too much disruption. At the farm, the snow is always greeted with mixed feelings: it always makes a wonderful Christmas scene but it does make life more difficult. Access to the farm becomes hard work if not impossible and the animals always need extra food to help them keep warm!


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What a wonderful scene, thank you for allowing us to share it. With very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year.

What a winter wonderland picture!

Found Lambcam yesterday, wow that looks beautiful. Stay safe everyone, be warm and eat well.

Lambwatch looks like a Christmas Card view. Hope you and all the family keep warm in front of the fire and the chimney now works ok !

I also found your website yesterday and keep popping back to see the snow and the birds. Wishing you all at Lambswatch a very merry Xmans

the orange on the hill opposite looks lovely but i know from experience the lack of access is a real pain !

Snow is lovely to look at. Hope you can maneuver on the roads and fields safely.

Lovely Christmas card scene especially when the Robin appears on the feeder.

What a beautiful scene, even though life becomes more difficult when trying to get around in that white stuff. I hope everyone makes it home safely for Christmas, there, here and everywhere where there are Lambwatchers. Thank you for the snow man (person). What will the sheep think of this intruder?

hi,ive just come across lambwatch& i think the snowman is gr8e.im from inverness.we have been having snow showers but it has ckeared up,no doubt it wont be too far away.nice for xmas.have a merry xmas every 1!

What a wonderful scene,so peaceful! Wishing everyone at Lambwatch a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

Looks like Mr Snowman will have a brand new coat by the morning. See you then to see how fat he's got.

Lack of access is OK if your freezers are full. All part of life's rich tapestry. I love getting snowed in. Can't go to work (shame!).

este lugar lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Xmas all at lambwatch and roll on the Spring.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. We never get to see snow from where we live. Just wind, beach, and tourists! Wish we could get some snow for once. lol Happy Holidays!


Not even a picture, Daniel!