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Off To Market

On Monday, some lambs were taken to market, explaining the current lack of sheep and lambs in the field.

On Monday, a dozen lambs and a couple of "one-papped" sheep were taken to market. The lambs fetched quite a good price so we are quite pleased but this means the remaining sheep and lambs have been taken out of the field on webcam for a while, while they adjust.

The remaining sheep and lambs are now in another field while Howard cuts the long tall grass in the LambWatch field, allowing it to recover once again. They could be out of this field for a couple of weeks now - sorry! But don't worry, they shall return...! In the meantime, the woodpecker seems to be making more regular appearances on the webcam and some birds are taking an increased interest in the water feeder too!


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Well, I knew the day was coming! We look forward to having some back when it is the right time. Meanwhile, we can still hear them. And, yes, the woodpecker is entertaining us. I'm glad the lambs fetched a good price.

I know this was enviable, and it is a livelihood..it does make me sad never the less..

I am very happy they brought in a good price..that is the result of all your hard endeavor..and constant work !!

Oh, wow, this season is slipping by so quickly. I can't believe it's already market time for some. So glad you were please with the price. They were well keep and fed lambs and you deserve it.

I am especially glad that the lambs always have a great life there on your fields before they are subject to their destiny. I hear about so many sheep keepers who treat their animals shamelessly. It is always a treasure to know that there are dignified people that have a genuine heart for animals. = )

Glad they came with a good price for you's. Will be missed Alexandria said

Wow, that bird is chowing down quite a bit! = )

I sure do miss the lambs and sheep. But I understand they are livestock and not pets. But I still don't eat lamb! Beef, Pork or Chicken for me. LOL

I enjoy the beautiful scene and the woodpecker is very peaceful to watch in your early morning and my nightime! Sorry that the lambs had to go to market, we eat a lot of fish and chicken and tofu in these parts...

I just don't eat lamb! Too bad they can't all be used for their wool!

That is well horrible!!! I turned vegetarian because of the little lambs being killed and eaten!! SHAME ON YOU!!

Oh dear, what a shame some people are upset by the realities of life on a livestock farm.This is only meant as a little window into a small rural farm, pity we are having SHAME heaped on us.There are other webcams for people to visit if they dont like ours

we get 50p per fleece. 30 sheep and say 60 lambs . thats an annual income of £45 pounds.... not a lot to live on....

Good for you, Lynda! This is a working farm, a business, not a hobby farm for our amusement! We are permitted to watch and enjoy some of the activities, but if we don't understand what livestock farming is about, we surely don't have the right to criticise it. We can enjoy watching their activities when the lambs and sheep are visible, but let's not confuse our private beliefs and prejudices with people's need to make a living, nor try to impose the Vegan viewpoint on other people who happen to think differently and who enjoy a wider variety of food....

Well said Lynda!!