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Sheep Shearing Day! *updated*

This morning the sheep were all clipped; leaving them without wool for the summer months.

This morning the sheep were all clipped, from 9:30am and took about an hour and a half. It all went smoothly and everyone was on hand to help out, from giving the sheep their fresh flock mark, sweeping up any debris (including odd bits of wool and sheep poo!), queueing up the sheep for clipping, wrapping up the fleeces and of course, clipping the sheep!

All sheep were calm and relaxed in the process, except the silly suffolk sheep, which wriggled constantly making life difficult for the clipper and risking getting itself knicked by the clippers.

Several sheep got knicked (cut) by the clippers- a bit like when you cut yourself shaving - and all the cuts need spraying with blue penicillin spray to ensure they don't get infected and keep off the flies. If you see any sheep with blue patches on them, then this will be the penicillin spray. In this weather, there are of course more flies about so it is important that we keep an eye on those sheep that were knicked to ensure they don't get infected.

Update: 16th June 2009 - There is now a highlights clip available from the sheep shearing event.


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Dan you didn't mention that part of the shearing process included a certain young man riding the sheep! It was a most interesting process and I am thankful you shared it with us. The sheep look a little sheepish(!) about running around in their skins, but I'm sure they are the happier for it.

darn missed it dan live is their a video madeup of it?

A really lovely evening's viewing Dan; thank you for filming the shearing of the sheep. Great team work all round.

I also didn't get to see the live or the replay of sheep shearing...drats

I caught the last few seconds of the last sheep on the replay but that's it. Hope you'll put it in the highlights, I'd love to see the whole thing.

Any chance of putting this on highlights? I was not around for the "show" but would love to see it.

I am afraid I never saw the sheep being sheared. Hopw there will be highlights shown?