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Lamb Suddenly Dies

A lamb which we have been topping up with milk from the bottle suddenly died this morning.

As well as the two "pet" lambs which appear in front of the webcam now and again, we also bottle feed two other lambs; not completely but just to top them up as their mothers do not have enough milk.

Last night Howard was feeding one of these lambs (not in the LambWatch field) and he noticed it was very vacant and did not take any milk. It was very lathargic, bloated and was behaving very strangely. We had hoped that perhaps it had started drinking water and so was full of that but deep down our gut feeling that it was about to die.

This morning the gut feeling was confirmed and it was found dead. This is sad news for us, not only financially, but a lot of effort, expense and additional care has been put into the lamb due to its need to be topped up with milk. We have no idea why it died so suddenly. Sometimes these things just happen with no explanation. There have been sheep and lambs in the same field so there can't be any thing wrong with the field and we have been using the same bottle and milk powder as we do for all the lambs so there can't be anything wrong with the milk or bottle.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but thought you might be interested to know.


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Oh, Dan, I am so sorry! Was it a suffolk or a a texel? It's a big loss for you all, as you say, financially, but also with so much time and work put into caring for it, it must be a huge disappointment. Will the ewe be upset or physically distressed if she is not feeding this lamb? My sympathies to you over this loss. It's a really sad way to start the day.

What sad news.

What a terribly sad thing to happen after all the care and attention your family have lavished on the lamb.

Oh I am so sorry to read this. Im not in the best of moods recently and this is just another thing to upset me. So sad for the poor little lamb

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry to hear this, Dan; and you are right, we are very interested to know. Thanks for always keeping us posted. It just seems that this season has been off from the get go, doesn't it? God bless......and Christine, I pray your mood will pick up soon.

Dan,I'm so sorry to read this news. I'm wondering if you will determine why the lamb died? Is there still the eqivalent of Mr. Mallock in the Herriot works?

Such a loss.. so very unfortunate. How very sad for everyone.

What a shock to read the sad news about the little lamb. I am so sorry.

sorry dans family.

Dan I am so so sorry for your loss not only the money but the personal loss of a lovely lamb. It make me so sad to hear of this sad situation. But you have given it every chance at life and it has been loved. I thank you for doing all that. RIP Little Lamb...

i cant see any lambs

Great shots of the ? Woodpecker scoffing much of the fat balls between about 18:50 to 18:53 June 20 2009.