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A Cracking CamGrab! *updated*

Check out this brilliant picture captured by the webcam featuring the infamous woodpecker!

The new "CamGrabs" feature has literally just been setup and it didn't take long before it captured a stunning shot! Checkout the woodpecker in flight on its way to the tasty bird feeder...!

Woodpecker in flight

What are "CamGrabs"?

A CamGrab is a new word invented by me and is basically a screenshot of the live webcam. The new CamGrabs feature allows you to see the last 50 minutes of webcam footage in webcam stills, in the form of a screen grab of the live webcam taken every 30 seconds.

Every 30 seconds a fresh picture gets uploaded to the CamGrabs page so you can have an overview of what has happened on the live cam over the last 50 minutes!

Click here to view the CamGrabs »

Update: Well I am loving this feature! I have changed it a bit to take a snapshot every 20 seconds and it stores 200 images which means there is just over an hours' worth of snapshots now in the CamGrabs feature. Oh, and here is yet another cracking pic....

Another pic!


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WOW!!!! Fabulous shot. Can I make a contribution to the cam?

Wow, that is a fantastic shot...

Amazing!!!, how do i do that?

Amazing shot Dan


Unbelievable! absolutely gorgeous.

An amazing shot!! Wonderful

Wonderful picture of the woodpecker!

By the way - if you want to save any of the pics in the camgrab gallery then just click the small pic, then in the pic that appears, right click it and choose "Save Picture As..." from the menu that appears

wow big woodpecker when wings come out. great dan


Sweet picture! I love that guy!

Brill pic Dan.

(A cracking camgrab *updated*) Is fantastic wow!!!