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Winter Has Arrived *updated*!

The first proper cold-snap of the 2008 winter has arrived at LambWatch (and most of the UK!)

It was also the day when we set up the new webcam. Even though our hands and toes were numb from the cold, it made the perfect opportunity to go out with the camera and take some pictures around the farm. Here are some pictures taken by Heather that morning:

These are just a selection of the photos. For the rest of the photos, please visit the gallery. You may also notice that in the gallery we now have a full year's cycle of photos! Look at the very bottom you can see the frost and cold from the beginning of the year, then higher up you can see spring-time tree planting, followed by summer haymaking, and then back again to winter time frost and cold!

Update: 2nd December 2008: The first proper snow of the year fell today! I couldn't resist but to make a snowman (or rather leafman) in front of the webcam! The snow was a goof 3-4 inches thick and driving to work was interesting but I have added two more pics to the gallery that I took with my mobile before work.... gallery.


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The photos are lovely! Every season has it's charm. Very nice!

Beautiful photos, and a great view from the new webcam. Thank you to you all!

Love the beautiful pictures

Heather, your photos are very good and show how beautiful winter can be.

Heather you have a eye for taking pictures very nice.

I love the pics they are beauiful! Thanks for the view

Heather, lovely photos, both here and in the archive. You have an excellent eye for framing shots.

The pics are great.Thanks for sharing them.