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Eleven New Arrivals

We had 11 new arrivals who have been making themselves at home at the farm over the weekend!

Our new arrivals, in the form of 11 new fit and healthy hens, who were kindly donated by a local farmer, will hopefully provide lots of tasty eggs for breakfast as they settle into their new home at the farm! They arrived over the weekend and have been making themselves at home in the "brick building" which is where our ex-battery hens had been living up until we moved them into the main hen hut in preparation for the arrival of the new ones.

The hens are a mixture of breeds and are huge in comparison to our current ones which is nice! They are fit and healthy and are eating like mad. We will be keeping them inside for a few days whilst they acclimatise to their new home and then we will be letting them out to mix with the other hens where the "pecking order" shall be decided! Here are some pics I took this morning before work:

Hens 01

Hens 02

Hens 03

Hens 04


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Thanks Dan for taking the photos so that we can see the new arrivals. They do look a very healthy group and we hope to see them venturing out, eventually, into the field.

They are gorgeous, What lovely colourings. I feel more names coming on. Thanks for the pictures.

Welcome to the brood little hens

The hens don't know how lucky they are, becomming a part of a wonderful "family." they are very pretty.


I have never seen an unhealthy animal on your farm ever, A tribute to Dan and the family of good farmers.

lynda they are so cute. l can't wait to see them in cam view. you are their new mum now. hehe

haha they will be watched after better than they know.hope you got a rooster so we can hear him in the mornings

Saw the new hens on the webcam today and they are beautiful. Such lovely colours.

maybe lamb watch sould become Hen watch over the winter!!

love the pictures,love the videos,love the website!