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Bulb Planting For Spring!

"Churches Together" arranged a morning of bulb planting amongst the new trees ready for Spring!

It's been a while since our last news post but today, thanks to "Churches Together", and a number of locals, we have some good news! Our new trees are now home to a few rows of freshly planted bulbs ready for Spring next year! The bulbs, which were called "Woodland Mix" will hopefully consist of daffodils and crocuses and will make a lovely sight next Spring if they emerge as they have been planted along the border of a couple of areas of our new woodland. A big thank you to everyone who braved the elements to help contribute to the planting! Here are some pics from the morning...

Bulb planting

Bulb planting

Bulb planting

Bulb planting

Bulb planting

On a sad but happy note also, we learned today (and have had some suspicion for a while) that Muddyed's time had come. We found him at the base of an oak tree in the new plantation and thought it would be nice to bury him under a clump of bulbs, which we did, and so Muddyed has now been returned to that place from where he came and we can remember him as he rests in peace underneath a clump of daffodils on the corner of one of the areas of trees.


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Aw, poor Muddyed. May he rest in peace. When the flowers bloom, we can think of him. I bet everything is going to look beautiful come Spring!

The bulbs when they come up next Spring will be lovely to look at.so nice what you have done for Muddyed.He/she will be missed.RIP Muddyed.

You have all been busy!! Everyone's hardwork should be well rewarded with a colourful show of daffs and crocuses when Springtime arrives next year. It's good to know that Muddyed is resting peacefully in one of his favourite places.

hello all nice to see pictures of the farm and what are yous doing planting for the flowers to come out in spring time. Can't wait to see them all blooming everywere lynda, glad yous had so beautifull people to help yous. Alex wish she could of help yous. Yes sad to hear that about muddyed he will be glad of yous done for him planting flowers. Marlaina P.s. nice picture of you lynda. lol

Aww sounded like you had a nice fruitful day. Sorry to hear about Muddyed. May he rest in peace

Bulbs planted in natural surroundings always look nice. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to next Spring.

RIP Muddyed x I'm sure he had a good life on the farm with the Procters though and it's nice that he can be remembered when the daffodils appear in the spring.

It is good to see you have people around you who helped with the planting of the bulbs. I was sad to hear about the finding of Muddyed butI am happy to know that he is safe resting in his own homeland. We will always remember him and the flowers planted with provide a beautiful scene to commemorate his life. RIP Muddyed!!

hi howard!

thats cool. muddyed will remain in his field. and i cant wait to see the pictures of the flowers.fantastic idea all around.