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Lone Ranger Reunited!

Our friendly visitor sheep was this morning safely reunited with its family across the river :)

Pic of lone rangerThe farmer from across the valley this morning came with his two dogs to take the lone ranger sheep back to its home after its week or so holiday at LambWatch!

I think it made a few friends while it was here, and it certainly had fun, taking a liking to the sign and joining in with the antics the other night but the time had come for it to be safely reunited with its friends and family back home across the river, bless

The LambWatch flock were a bit upset to see their new mate return home but they have all settled down now and glad that they have the scratch post all to themselves again


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it's always nice to go back home.

Awww Im glad she was reunited with her family

aaaaw they will miss their new friend. Alex

Old Polish saying - "Everywhere is nice but home is best"

I just wanted to say that al;thought you frightened the living daylights out of me when you jumped up at the cam, I was very happy to see you on the Marlfield farm. I hope that you will remain very happy at your real home but please feel free to coe back and say hi. I will always remember you as Marly.

The Lone Ranger got arrested and taken back,but will be well taken care of. But he enjoyed his time at LambWatch.

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

love lamb watch wen things like this happen