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Radio 2 "WebCam of the Day" - Again!!

Steve Wright featured us again on his afternoon show on the UK's most popular radio station: BBC Radio 2!

Download Radio Announcement Soundbyte

Back in Feb, Steve Wright featured us on Radio 2 WebCam of the Day, but back then we had barely started the lambing season so I thought it might be cool to ask them to feature us again now that lambing season is drawing to a close so that people can check out their progress! I was very surprised to find out that they actually decided to do this and featured us once again on the very popular Radio 2 show, "Steve Wright In The Afternoon", as their daily "WebCam of the Day"!

The announcement couldn't have been made at a better time as the squirrel had decided to get a piece of the lime-light! Steve Wright even called home to check to see if the squirrel wasn't stuck after thousands of telephone calls and emails to their show from people who were worried that it was stuck! It wasn't stuck of course - it was just gorging itself on the nuts through the squirrel proof feeder guard!

Thanks again Steve Wright and team for featuring us!

To read and listen to the first news post about being webcam of the day.


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