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Final BBC North West Tonight LambWatch Feature

Today BBC North West Tonight aired the last in the series of LambWatch features as the lambing season draws to a close

Today saw the final in a series of four LambWatch features on BBC North West Tonight. It was yet again a really good feature showing progress of the famous North, West and Tonight family as well as Dianne the lamb. There was also an interview with me in front of the webcam with a bunch of sheep and lambs around pushing and shoving to get at the pieces of bread that we had fed them just before the recording. I feel sad that it is the last one but also happy knowing that it has been a great success and has brought so many people together and reminded so many people of home.

I'd just like to express my thanks to BBC NWT for featuring us this lambing season - it has been a lot of hard work but it has been great fun at the same time. Without the NWT features the site would not have received anywhere near as many visitors as it has done so a big thank you to everyone at NWT for the features. I'd also like to say thanks to my parents for putting up with me thrusting a camera in front of their faces every opportunity there was; to the sheep and lambs, pheasants, hens, cats and squirrels, woodpeckers and owls , visitors from outer space and everyone else for being the stars of the webcam and the video diary and finally a big thanks to everyone who has become part of the lambwatch community (this is tarting to sound like an oscar speech!)

The video diary, clips of which have appeared in each of the features, has also been a great success. We now have over 5 hours of footage in the video diary which will really be something to treasure and look back on over the coming months after things have all settled down. Thanks again to BBC for lending us the equipment to do the video diary.

I am currently in the process of putting together a LambWatch Video Diary DVD, which will feature all the footage of the video diary (over 5 hours worth of pure lambing time real-life footage) and some of the best bits taken from the webcam over the course of lambing season. To register your interest in the DVD and to be informed when it becomes available, please use our registration form on the LambWatch Video Diary DVD page.

You can see all the other features that BBC NWT have done on lambwatch here.


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It's been great fun watching the beginnings of this project.

Lovely to see all the lambs in the field and the chat at the end is quite poignant considering what happened to Diane from the programme North West Tonight.