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BT are hopeless *updated*!!!

Lambwatch has been offline for 6 days now due to BT's inability to fix a fault with a cable at the exchange! Hurry up BT!

Due to BT's complete inability to fix a fault on a cable at the Earby exchange, Lambwatch is now entering its 5th day of being down . They are still working on the fix but why it is taking so long to switch a cable is slightly concerning. We haven't had down-time like touhis with our phone and internet for a very long time. Come on BT this is unacceptable - get your skates on!!!

Please help us by continuing to pester BT to speed up the fault fix!

You can contact BT yourselves on 0800 800 151 (+44800 800 151 for non-UK lines) and quoting our fault reference number LC7EPW36 with them. If we keep pestering them to fix it they may speed up the job and give it a higher priority especially if they know how many people are losing out due to their fault! Thank you everyone for helping!

UPDATE: LambWatch fans Sue and Emma have been hard at work badgering BT for updates and we have learned the following: "have just rung BT again. Reported that your phone is still down and with being a sheep farm with sheep still birthing. That you had to get a vet out on an emergency the other night and that you need the line repairing as an emergency. Well they have told me that the work will be done by the 25th April and they need permission from the council Highways Dept) to switch the traffic lights off to get to this damn cable also they need to get in touch with Health and Safety because of the electrics. So hopefully it should be on very shrtly." - Thanks guys!

UPDATE 2: Emma today (15 April) has got this information: "Apparently today they are on site with some equipment to suck the dirt out of a gulley in order that they can get access to the cable. The lady advised that the traffic lights are booked in for tomorrow and they should be able to dig the road then. Dependant on what they find it shouldn't be too long after that!!!" - thanks Emma!

LambWatcher "DJ" wrote this cool little poem to raise our spirits!

The lambcam is gone,
Who has it done?
BT will fix it soon,
Or weÃ.´ll send them to the moon.
We wish Howard all the best,
And so to the rest:
WeÃ.´ll see the lambs again,
By sunshine or rain.

I am really gutted that we have had all this downtime and am so sorry to everyone. We are all missing the lambs and I am missing being able to broadcast them. I really really really hope that they get it fixed today.

The added problem of course is that because the phone is down we are having real problems with lack of phone... We had to call out the vet at 5am last Friday morning in an emergency with a sheep. Because our phone was dead, we were forced to use our mobile then and also throughout the weekend to make telephone calls so I dread to think of the cost of our mobile bill now.

Come on BT fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If you want to be notified when it is back, please send us a comment with your email included using the form on the homepage and I will email you all when it comes back alive.


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