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LambWatch Update Tonight on North West Tonight

Catch up on the latest events over the Easter weekend on the latest BBC North West Tonight LambWatch feature!

This evening, NWT did another feature on the LambWatch with an update of events on the farm over the Easter weekend. They featured some of the video diary that we have been working on as well as some footage live from the webcam.

Everyone at the farm is extremely thrilled with the programme as it went out tonight... it all came together really well! We received many humbling messasges from the LambWatchers visitors during the course of the evening and it is very heart-warming to read them, especially from people who used to live in the area; have emigrated and still watch NWT to keep in touch with events in the area. They say watching LambWatch makes them feel very nostalgic and helps them remember their childhoods growing up in the area. All the kind messages we receive really make it all worth while. Thank you to everyone for your messages

As usual, immediately after the programme in the evening, the website nearly fell to its knees but just held out and "weathered the storm". At one point we had 130 viewers watching the camera at the same time! From a geeky point of view that is an incredible amount of data being sent over the net - thanks to Camstreams for making that possible!

Just also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at NWT for making this happen and featuring the LambCam. It is surprising the impact it has had and great that it has made so many people happy to watch the lambs and the area on the webcam from distant shores.


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